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Barts, from swimwear to winter accessories

The story of Bart Koene, the founder of Barts, a Dutch company that produces handmade knit winter accessories, such as hats, caps, gloves and scarves with a design that is always innovative and with particular attention to the quality of materials, is curious. used.

In 1986, while he was in France for work, to ward off the boredom of some moments, Bart bought a sewing machine to make beach shorts that he went to sell on the beaches of Saint Tropez: they caught so much attention wealthy tourists there on vacation, who sold them all in a few weeks. With that gain he made a trip around the world and, when he arrived in Bali, he bought some fabrics with which he made others that were even bought by famous singers. A few years later, as his business grew, he left the sunny beaches of southern France and opened a real office in Amsterdam. He turned to the female audience and in 1992 he designed bandanas which he presented on his wife's famous clay heads. Then he decided to focus on creating hand-knitted winter knit accessories and the rest is history.

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