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Running shoes are the first choice that every runner has to make: a reasoned choice based on physical characteristics and how to run. Essential for the choice of running shoe is the plantar support of the runner, which can be neutral, pronator or supinate. These effects can be corrected by technical shoes able to absorb the most common running defects. Discover the vast collection of running shoes from the best brands: Nike, Adidas, Salewa, Reebok, The Norh Face and many more!

What degree of cushioning for your running shoes?

The longer the stroke is natural and without postural defects, the less a damping is required. Even the weight of the athlete affects the need for cushioning: the heaviest runners (over 80kg men, over 65kg women) will have to choose running shoes more robust and better cushioned.

The degree of cushioning is defined by a series of parameters: the lighter ones are defined as A0 and weigh between 150 and 300 grams, while shoes in the A1 range (up to 250 grams) are suitable for athletes who compete or train at a steady pace, shoes in mid-range A2 (between 250 and 300 grams) offer a good compromise between performance and cushioning, the running shoes A3 are those in maximum cushioning for those seeking comfort or want to train with shoes less exasperated, the stable shoes in the a4 range are, instead, designed for those with excessive pronation problems and can weigh even over 300 grams.

The shoes in the a5 range have even greater protection and are suitable for trail running, the mountain race that is increasingly spreading among fans.