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Dynastar Ski: one of the most awarded brands in the history of winter competitions

Dynastar was founded in 1963 in Sallanches in France and is the result of the common inspiration of capable and ambitious industrialists. Dynastar skis come from the fusion of Dynamic skis and Starflex skis, manufactured by Les Plastiques Synthétiques, the Dynastar Sci brand is in fact the contraction of Dynamic and Starflex. 1974 marks an important moment in its development: Dynastar ski production exceeds 100,000 pairs. In 1966 the Portillo World Championships gave Dynastar a taste of victory, Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat won the first three world titles and the first three silver medals of the brand history. 51 years after its creation, Dynastar today is one of the world leaders in skiing and is positioned as one of the most awarded brands in the history of winter competitions.

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Ski Dynastar: Racing, All Mountain, Freeride and Touring

Dynastar Sci develops the equipment in collaboration with the athletes through a constant dialogue and a privileged listening, produces track skiing, mountaineering skis, freeride skis and is a global point of reference for the All Mountain women's collection. Powertrack is the All Mountain line that combines two of the best-selling skis of the Dynastar brand: the Charm, flagship product in the Freeride category, an excellent mix of hardness and flexibility and the CR line that combines absolute precision with accessible carving for non-professional sportsmen with shorter bending radii. While the Speed ​​Zone line, Dynastar ski of the Race category, is equipped with racing technologies such as the Powerdrive , a visco-elastic component that absorbs the vibrations of the ground eliminating instability .