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Leki: high quality ski equipment

LEKI Lenhart Srl has its origins in the turning company founded by Karl Lenhart in Dettingen / Teck in 1948. Karl Lenhart produced wooden letters to be applied on the signs of bakeries or butchers. br /> Only because of the personal dissatisfaction of the founding father, the extraordinary development of LEKI began: Karl Lenhart was a passionate skier, however he was not in the least satisfied with the quality and the functionality of the ski sticks of that time. Thus he began to produce grips and wheels for ski poles on his own, with the machinery of his own workshop. Series production began in the 1960s. Since Lenhart had also gained experience in aircraft construction, he knew how to work aluminum and composite materials. His first ski poles were built with these materials and in 1970, with the name LEKI , which is made up of the initial letters of his name and that of the first factory building - Lenhart and Kirchheim - he went on the market.

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