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Atomic has been the leader in winter sports equipment for 50 years

Atomic is an Austrian company that produces skis and ski equipment (skis, boots, helmets, ski poles, bindings, glasses and masks), a leader in winter sports for over 50 years. Founded by Alois Rohrmoser in 1955 in Wagrain, it is a pioneer of technological innovation in the ski sector, particularly in the production of ski mountaineering. It was the first of the large companies of winter sports products to move production eastwards, when in 1981 it opened a factory in Chepelare, Bulgaria. At the beginning of the 1990s, the production of skis exceeded 800,000 copies. Atomic is currently the sponsor of numerous athletes competing in skiing, freestyle skiing, Nordic combined skiers, biathlons and cross-country skiers and its motto is "" make every skier a better skier . "

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Ski Atomic: excellent technology and maximum performance

Atomic ski thanks to new technologies is able to improve more and more the skiing experience to satisfy skiers of all specialties: runway, freestyle and bottom . The Redster line is the fastest line ever designed, perfect for professionals and speed lovers. Vantage and Nomad are two ideal lines for the All Mountain that guarantee greater directionality and stability, while Infamous is the line equipped with all the necessary technologies for the park, flexibility and shock absorption are two of the main features.

Atomic boots: Redster, Live Fit and Hawx

Atomic ski boot lines offer numerous solutions to meet all skiers, Atomic boots are the result of continuous innovation to offer skiers maximum comfort. Live Fit ski boots , track boots par excellence, adapt instantly and automatically to the shape of the foot as it is put on, Hawx are All Mountain boots suitable for snow cool, while Redster are top of the range boots, designed for race performance.