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Colmar, clothing for skiing since 1923

Colmar was founded in Monza in 1923 by Mario Colombo . It seems that the name (composed of the first three letters of the surname, followed by the first three letters of the name of its founder) was chosen through a vote made between friends in a pastry shop in Monza.

In the first decades the company produces hats and leggings made of wool felt, to then dedicate itself to the production of work clothes. In the immediate post-war period, with the recovery and development of sport, he began specializing in sportswear, with particular attention to skiing. The brothers Giancarlo and Angelo, sons of the founder, perceive the opportunity of development of this new sector.

Working in close collaboration with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, Colmar soon became known as a manufacturer of highly technical and qualified garments. On the occasion of the 1952 Olympics, the company was for the first time commissioned to dress the Italian ski team and, together with Zeno Colò, made the first aerodynamic windbreaker (called guaina Colò). Over the next four decades, Colmar has dressed national teams in alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and other disciplines such as bobsledding and sledging.

In the seventies, those of the blue avalanche, Colmar realizes several race estates that have made the history of skiing and have dressed the Italian champions at the Olympics in Sapporo, Innsbruck and at the World Championships St. Moritz.

Today Colmar has diversified its production and, in addition to technical clothing, it also produces fashionable garments.

In 2009 the Colmar Originals line was born, aimed at a young audience.

There are 31 products.

The Colmar Originals line takes up the vintage logo and reinterprets the lines and atmospheres of historic products in a modern key. The success and evolution of Colmar Originals in the seasons, led to the development of a complete collection, from the established down jacket to a real total look able to complete the wardrobe.
Colmar Originals is an urban-lifestyle, trendy, sport-inspired line.