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THE VIGLIETTI SPORT S.r.l. with headquarters in Piazza G. Dodero 19 12083 Frabosa Sottana (CN) P.IVA 02999060045 makes
available to customers who wish to use them, discounts, advantages and services at Viglietti Sport srl stores and its use is
governed by the following conditions (hereinafter also "Regulations"), which the "Recipient Customer" will have to read with
attention and accept.
The activation of the "V CARD", in the manner described in point 6 that follows, implies the acceptance by the Customer of the present regulation.
La Viglietti Sport srl reserves the right to modify periodically, even partially, these conditions, and the relevant modifications will come into effect 10 (ten) consecutive days after their publication on
In the event that the "Recipient Customer" does not accept the changes made, he will have the right to cancel his own
registration, faculty which, in any case, belongs to him in each moment according to what specified below.
The use of the "V CARD", after the changes come into effect, however involves the acceptance, for conclusive
facts, of the modifications made.
Viglietti Sport srl also reserves the right to suspend this loyalty program, temporarily or permanently, at any time, without the Customer complaining about it (only respecting the rights
already acquired by the participants at that time), notifying them on its website
These Rules are always available for consultation at WWW.VIGLIETTISPORT.COM.


VIGLIETTI SPORT SRL based in Piazza G. Dodero 19 12083 Frabosa Sottana (CN) P.IVA 02999060045.


All Viglietti Sport stores and related equipment rentals including outlets.


Italian national territory.


This is a promotional initiative consisting of a loyalty program that consists of a collection of points on a
card called "V CARD" which recognizes exclusive advantages for the cardholder.
The purpose of the initiative is to build customer loyalty through a management program that recognizes advantages for the customers that are
of the "V CARD".
Without prejudice to what is stated in the premises, in point 7 ("Mode ") and at point 10 (" Interruption of the program
- Card deactivation - Miscellaneous "), the" V CARD "is not subject to expiration.


End customers of age as holders of the "V CARD" according to the registration and operation methods indicated below
and resident in Italy.


The point of sale gives the customer a "virgin" card free of charge. The latter must complete the appropriate
form and accept the conditions contained therein. The registration of the card will be made by our staff as soon as possible
The collection of points will start only from the second purchase and in any case not before the activation of the card.
The registration systems they will prevent the registration to the circuit of underage Clients.
The activation or registration takes place in compliance with the privacy regulations.
The "V CARD" is personal and not transferable. Each customer will not be able to activate more than one during its validity.

SPORTS CARDS SRL Piazza G. Dodero 19 - Fraction PRATO NEVOSO 12083 FRABOSA SOTTANA (CN) P. IVA 02999060045
tel. +39 0174 33.42.72 Web site: WWW.VIGLIETTISPORT.COM e-mail:

The "V CARD" is for private and non-commercial use only.
In case of loss or theft of your "V Card" the cardholder must immediately notify you by going in
a Viglietti Sport sales point to replace it. Until this time the owner will remain liable for improper use of the lost or stolen card by persons who are not legitimate even in terms of
use of the benefits accrued. These if they are already used or used at the time of the communication of the
subtraction or loss to Viglietti Sport S.r.l. they can in no way be more recognized to the owner.
The Customer may freely request at any time to be canceled from the loyalty program, by contacting customer care at +39 (0) 174.334272 or by sending an e -mail at


The Customer must show the "V CARD" at the cash desks to get the points accumulated. If you reach the minimum score you can
request to take advantage of the accumulated discount which will be deducted directly from the purchase.


The loyalty points will be automatically loaded on the "V CARD" activated at each purchase in the measure of a point for
every euro spent rounded down (Ex. & euro; 1 = 1 point).
To be entitled to the points, the Customer must identify himself before issuing the fiscal receipt by presenting his own
"V CARD" or indicating his surname and name or address e- mail issued for the activation of the same. The
Customer may at any time know his balance points accumulated by requesting information from Viglietti staff
The points will be loaded and accounted for by the system daily; in the event of technical unforeseen events, they can be loaded
within a longer period, up to a maximum of 15 days.
The issue of a "Viglietti Gift Card" generates the crediting of the relevant points to the purchaser of the same. Subsequent purchases
paid partially / totally with Viglietti Gift Card by the owner of the same will not generate any
credit points for the part of the value of the receipt paid with Viglietti Gift Card.
The “V Card "Does not in any way constitute a payment card and the points accumulated in it cannot be transferred or converted into cash or products.


Customers holding "V CARD" by accumulating points can benefit from the following advantages:
10% discount (not cumulative) on all items in the price list and not discounted.
Collection of points that will give special discounts for reaching the thresholds indicated in the table below.
Participation in promotional operations reserved for card holders

200 POINTS    € 06.00
400 POINTS    € 12.00
600 POINTS    € 18.00
800 POINTS    € 24.00
1000 POINTS    € 30.00

The Customer can take advantage of the dedicated advantages only after showing his "VCARD".

VIGLIETTI SPORT SRL Piazza G. Dodero 19 - Fraction PRATO NEVOSO 12083 FRABOSA SOTTANA (CN) P. IVA 02999060045
tel. +39 0174 33.42.72 Web site: WWW.VIGLIETTISPORT.COM e-mail:


VIGLIETTI SPORT SRL reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt at any time and at its own discretion the "V CARD" loyalty program and the relative services.
Of such modifications, suspensions or interruptions specific communication will be given by sending an e-mail and / or
publication on the website. Without prejudice to any other right provided for by law, including the right to compensation for damage, VIGLIETTI SPORT SRL may revoke the Customer's right to use the Card and deactivate it in case of use of the Card in violation of the conditions referred to in this Regulation or in the event of abusive use or
damaging the image and the “VIGLIETTI SPORT” mark.
Furthermore, subject to information, VIGLIETTI SPORT SRL reserves the right to deactivate the "V CARD" and its activation or
registration in case of non-use or inactivity of the Customer for a period exceeding 2 years. In case of revocation and
deactivation The Customer will no longer be able to benefit from the advantages and services offered by the "V CARD" and will lose the points accumulated in it.
VIGLIETTI SPORT SRL is not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, connected to malfunctions of the loyalty program that are not dependent on one's will.
VIGLIETTI SPORT SRL is not responsible for any fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the Card.


For the purposes of activating / registering the "V CARD" it is necessary to provide certain data, as better specified
in the Privacy Statement attached to the activation / registration form.
When carrying out the activation / registration The Customer undertakes to provide only truthful, correct and updated data.
The personal data provided by the Customer to adhere to the "V CARD" program will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Notice
provided to the Customer on the occasion of activation / registration of the "V CARD" in accordance with the provisions of the
legislation on the protection of personal data. The privacy policy can be consulted at
WWW.VIGLIETTISPORT.COM (Legal Area - Privacy Policy)


For any other information relating to the "V CARD", the Customer can consult the website WWW.VIGLIETTISPORT.COM,
contact customer care by email at
I confirm that I have read the aforementioned Terms and Conditions of Use, that I have understood its contents and
accept all the provisions therein.

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