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Hostile: snowboard and accessories for all budgets

Hostile Snowboards finds its roots in Piedmont, exactly in Mondovì in the province of Cuneo .
Here Gianni Roà and his son Andrea ran an article shop sports.

Hostile was born from the passion of Andrea Roà for snowboarding and from the commercial intuitions of father Gianni in 1990, establishing itself since the beginning as one of the most Italian realities important in the sector.

Consolidation takes place towards the end of the 1990s when new collections are offered that are accessible to all budgets and levels of competition, while maintaining an obsessive attention to detail and choice of materials.

Today Hostile is a reference point for professional riders and beginners of all ages.

A wide range of products, entirely designed and made in Italy, which combines the strong graphic impact, the most advanced technical solutions for the shapes, the geometry of the snowboards and the highest quality materials.

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