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The casual clothing of Conte of Florence

The brand was born in Florence in 1952 near the Ponte Vecchio with the opening of the first store under the sign Con.T.E. (Exclusive Textile Packaging) which proposes packages for women made exclusively by hand by some historical Florentine tailors.

In 1958 the sign CON.T.E. is transformed into Conte of Florence and the store gives way to the company. Subsequently, the company was founded on 21 July 1972; Conte of Florence spa.
To the name of Conte of Florence is added the logo composed by C with the lily, emblem of the Tuscan capital to underline the origins of the brand .

To further strengthen membership of the Florentine world, the logo is dyed red: the color of the 1266 victory of the Guelphs over the Ghibellines, two historic factions opposed in Italian politics from the 12th to the 14th century. Subsequently, the word ""Italy"", in honor of the Italian style and design, is added to the name and to the words "" Conte of Florence "".

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