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Podhio: the reference point for world skiing

Podhio is an Italian brand that produces clothing inspired by the world of sports competition for men, women and children. Each product is designed and built for the sportsman with a capital S, a high range of materials and technical finishes developed to achieve complete perfection.

Podhio is a brand born from the passion for winter sports, today it is a reference point for the entire ski sector : professional skiers, ski instructors and young talented skiers. Investing in research and meeting the real needs of all sportsmen who have competition in the blood is Podhio's mantra. Podhio has signed an agreement with FISI for the provision of a technical line for all ski instructors and has repeatedly been on the podium with top international skiers .

There are 45 products.

Urban and lifestyle collection: elegance and functionality

Podhio exploits its know-how on the development of technical and sports clothing to produce clothes suitable for urban life. Clothing that combines functionality, comfort and style designed for all those that start the day on the scooter, the bicycle or the car in the hectic streets of our cities.