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Head moves your limit forward: everything for skiing and snowboarding

Head is an Austrian company that produces skis, ski boots, helmets, masks, ski sticks, equipment for skiing, snowboarding, swimming and tennis. Head, founded in 1950 in Delaware by aeronautical engineer Howard Head, is known throughout the world for producing sports equipment for the biggest international champions. In the 1960s Head Ski created ""the Head Standard"", the first downhill ski made of wood and metal, thanks to this invention Head Ski conquered over 50% of the US ski market.

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Head Ski: Ski Race and Allride

The WorldCup line of the Ski Head Race collection aimed at expert skiers, speed lovers, is one of the fastest skis ever designed, with high precision and stability on the estate with any snow condition , ideal for high-level performance. While the Supershape line of the Head Allride ski collection, suitable for skiing on any terrain (track and fresh snow) for both ascents and descents, consists of skis designed with lightweight materials that allow an angle of inclination up to 90 °.

Head boots: Race Raptor ski boots

Head Race Raptor is one of the most famous lines of Head ski boots, it is indicated for skiers of high technical level and guarantees high competitive performances. Innovative shoes designed to offer maximum comfort and new hooks that allow the boot to wrap around the foot, avoiding even the slightest compression even with very tight closing levers. ""