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Blizzard Ski's first ski brand to win Ispo twice

Blizzard is; Austrian ski production company, founded in 1945 by Anton Arnsteiner, who, after his return from the Second World War, succeeds his father in the management of the family carpentry and manufactures his first pair of skis. In 1954, Blizzard Ski was the first ski manufacturer to use polyethylene . Since 1958, many skiers have won prestigious world titles with Blizzard skis on their feet. The world's first temperature-controlled ski, Thermo-Ski , was introduced by Blizzard in 1980. In 2011, Blizzard is; first ski brand to receive the Ispo Prize (the best product of the season award) for the second year in a row.

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Ski Blizzard: reference brand for high performance products

In 1970 Blizzard Ski reached the production of 500,000 pairs of skis and in 1996 produced the first pair of Craving skis. The Blizzard Racing line consists of high performance racing products , such as the WRC Racing, competition ski for amateurs with a narrower bend radius and a wider footprint. While the Freeride skis, the Blizzard off-piste skis , are an ever-evolving collection that guarantees high performance both with compacted snow and fresh snow, the Cochise and Brahma are part of this collection Blizzard. While the Blizzard Quattro collection is ideal for All Mountain tracks, a product that offers the right amount of precision and stability.