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ASICS: research and analysis for technological sportswear

ASICS is an acronym derived from the Latin motto A nima S ana I n C orpore S anus (healthy mind in a healthy body). Respecting the philosophy on the basis of which it was created, every ASICS innovation, every concept and every idea is aimed at creating the best possible product. Our mission is to become the number one brand among athletes. To achieve this, we strive to carry out the creation of the best possible product, to achieve new results thanks to our technological advances and to overcome the limits on what we can learn from the human body and the related needs in terms of sportswear. We intend to achieve harmony between soul and body.


In May 1990, the ASICS research institute for motor sciences opened in Kobe . Since then, in this unique center, a number of important technological innovations in shoes and sportswear have come to light, thanks to the collaboration between scientists, athletes and coaches.


The institute of Kobe , about 300 kilometers from Tokyo to the west, covers over 4,000 square meters. The complex includes a 350 m long running track, a basketball court, a volleyball court and several test rooms, all covered. The study and analysis of human body movements and the testing of all kinds of materials are the main activities of the 200 people employed at the institute. Obviously, all these activities are carried out with a single objective, allowing professional and amateur athletes from all over the world to improve their performance, in order to reach a higher level and fully enjoy the sporting activity.


The observation and analysis of physical movements are the basis of every product ASICS . Kobe researchers have ultra-fast cameras, advanced measurement equipment and sophisticated software. Several test rooms have been set up with the aim of translating the results of basic research into new materials and products. Shock absorption systems, over-the-counter remedies, Wet Grip Rubber soles and water repellent clothing are just some of the innovations widely tested at ASICS . To improve the fit of shoes designed in Kobe, a three-dimensional measurement system is used.


Athletes ASICS regularly visit the Kobe institute . The first objective is to obtain customized shoes and clothing based on the actual standards required by your body. But there is also a second purpose. Working with athletes and their coaches, who represent the best of the best in various disciplines, ASICS can increase knowledge and experience, so as to further improve their products in the future. For the benefit of all athletes.

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