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YOUR NATION. YOUR CELEBRATION. Pure desire to win flows in your veins. On your skin you have the power of the X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO. You are unbeatable! Celebrate your triumph with millions of fans. And share your passion with athletes from around the world. Become an X-BIONIC® Patriot now!

Air-Conditioning Channel®
The Air-Conditioning Channel® is a ventilation system for channels that flow around the body that carry excess moisture and heat outside. It allows air to flow to regions of the body that are normally not accessible for temperate air circulation.

3D-BionicSphere® System on the chest
The 3D-BionicSphere System® in the thorax area effectively thermoregulates, without giving the body the sensation of cold. The warm air inside the channels acts as an insulator. Hot and humid air is instead disposed of through the dynamics of thermoregulation and replaced with fresh air.

144 cm² of increased insulation. At the solar plexus, directly under the 12 thoracic vertebra, important nerve fibers receive the signals that influence the whole well-being of the body. The Accumulator EVO ® protects this delicate sector with special channels. The warm air contained therein isolates optimally in the cold. The structure of the system processes excess sweat during physical activity and ensures adequate cooling of the area.

{Air Guides: false}
It works as a spacer and borders along the Air-Conditioning Channel® for effective air circulation.

ISO-Shoulder ™
The corrugated structure of the ISO-Shoulder ™ rests on the shoulders, keeps the body warm and avoids the onset of chills.

ExpansionRibs ™
The structure of the ExpansionRibs ™, based on the accordion principle, ensures that the external cold does not cool the elbows. The insulating effect is ensured through the warm air kept inside even in the presence of sharp bending. The flexibility of the ExpansionRibs ™ and the elasticity of the garment allow freedom of movement by eliminating friction.

3D-BionicSphere® System on the back
Ensures effective ventilation and allows excess sweat to be transported to the outside. The air forfeited in the canals works instead as an insulator against the cold.

3D-BionicSphere® System on the coccyx
The sweat of the lower back area is led through the 3D-BionicSphere System ® on the coccyx for evaporation. The SweatTraps ® on the lower back are specifically designed to capture the sweat that flows to the buttocks. This first phase, which often leads to irritation, is interrupted in the bud.


ENERGY ACCUM 4.0 TNSS LS IT technical underwear shirt

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